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Configuring desk phones


Information for administrators

About configuring desk phones


The devices' availability depends on your solution

Desk phones, conference phones and a range of hardware products are available in One Net Business and One Net Office.

Administrators can personalise desk phones by setting up programmable keys for:

The keys that you can personalise and the options available depend on the make and model of the phone.

Read about desk phones and attendant consoles supported in One Net >

Configuring a desk phone


Information for administrators

You can assign speed dial numbers or monitored lines to:

  • Users' phone numbers and speed dial numbers
  • Company numbers and company speed dial numbers
  • Short numbers

Managing your own settings

To manage your own settings, select your own account from the users list.

To configure keys on a desk phone

For administrators only

  1. Select Management > Users & Groups.
  2. In the Users Management section, select Manage.
  3. Search for a user whose settings you want to manage or select a user from the users list.
  4. Select Manage this user.
  5. Select My Numbers > My Numbers List.
  6. In the My Landline Number section, select View More.
  7. In the Phone Configuration section, select View More.
  8. Select Add button.
  9. To add a speed dial number, select Speed Dial from the Type list.


    To add a monitored line, select Speed Dial with presence from the Type list.

    Screenshot showing the setup of a monitored line button.

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