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Locking features


Information for administrators

About locking features

As an administrator, you can lock a feature to prevent users from changing the settings for that feature. Users have read-only access to the settings for locked features.

As well as locking features for an individual user, you can lock features for a group or a company number assigned to a group, so that the same lock is applied to all members of the group. You can also create feature locking templates to quickly apply a feature lock to a range of users.

You can lock a group of features, such as all call forwarding options, or individual features, such as call forwarding to voicemail.

Locking and unlocking features

For administrators only

You can lock or unlock features for a selected user, group or company number.

To lock or unlock features

  1. Select Management > Feature Lock.
  2. Select Select Target.
  3. From the Search for list, select what the lock applies to and then select Search.

    Depending on what you selected, a list of users, groups or company numbers is displayed.

  4. Select a user, group or company number and then select Select Target.
  5. Select or deselect features on the list and then select Apply.

Managing templates

You can create feature locking templates to apply to organisational groups. Templates can apply to users, company number or both:

  • A user template defines which features will be locked for any member of the group. When a new user is added to the group, feature lock is automatically applied to them.
  • A company number template defines which features are locked for a company number assigned to the group.

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