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Managing call queues


Information for administrators

A call queue is a way of putting calls made to a company number in order and distributing them to subscribed users. Call queues can perform user actions such as receiving and forwarding calls. Administrators can activate call queues for company numbers.

Activating and deactivating call queues


Are other features active?

You can't activate a call queue for a company number that has auto-attendant, call waiting or call conference features active. Deactivate these features for the company number before activating a call queue for it.

Read about auto-attendants >

Read about regular features >

Managing call queue settings

As an administrator, you can configure call queue settings such as the number of calls that can be queued, the users subscribed to the queue and the announcement played to callers. You can also manage call queues in a similar way to managing normal users, for example, you can lock features for call queues.

To edit call queue settings

  1. Select Management > Company Features.
  2. In the Call Queue section, select View all.

    The list of company numbers is displayed.

  3. Find the company number you want to manage call queue settings for and select View More.
  4. Select Edit at the bottom of the page.

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