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Company speed dial numbers


Information for administrators

About speed dial numbers

Speed dial numbers are two-digit numbers that you can dial instead of full phone numbers or short numbers. You can use your speed dial numbers on any of your devices, including your desk phone or mobile phone, or a device that's running One Net Mobile Client.

There are two types of speed dial numbers:

  • Personal speed dial numbers that are managed by the owner or an administrator and can be used only by the owner
  • Company speed dial numbers that are managed only by administrators and can be used by everyone in the company

Read about using speed dial numbers >

Managing company speed dial numbers

Administrators can manage speed dial numbers that are available to everyone in the company.

Downloading speed dial numbers as a CSV file

You can download a CSV (comma-separated values) file with all company speed dial numbers.

To download a CSV file with company speed dial numbers

  1. Access One Net Feature Management Portal.

    Read about accessing One Net Feature Management Portal >

  2. Select Apps > Speed Dial > Company.
  3. Select Download as CSV at the top of the page.

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