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Company call history


Information for administrators

Company call history lists information about all incoming and outgoing calls for the company.

About company call history

Company call history is updated every 15 minutes and saves information about calls for 31 days.

If you're a company administrator, you can view all incoming and outgoing calls for all company numbers and users. If you're a group administrator, you can view the history of incoming and outgoing calls for company numbers and users assigned to your groups.

Activating company call history

Company call history is active by default. As an administrator, you can manually activate and deactivate it. When you deactivate company call history, it's no longer updated and you can't view any call information. Call information from before you deactivated company call history is saved and you can view it once you activate the feature again.

Searching company call history

You can search company call history with different criteria, such as outgoing, answered or international calls.

Call details

Company call history displays a summary of all calls matching the search criteria, as well as the list of calls with information such as the originating phone number, the destination phone number or duration of the call. You can view details of every call.

Call events

Call events show what happened to the call and the features used on the call.

Downloading company call history as a CSV file

You can download company call history as a CSV file. You can either download the whole history or the history with the search criteria applied.

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