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Cisco SPA525G2 desk phone


The devices' availability depends on your solution

Desk phones, conference phones and a range of hardware products are available in One Net Business and One Net Office.

What is the Cisco SPA525G2 desk phone?

The Cisco SPA525G2 is a full-featured VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone that provides voice communication over an IP network.

snom 715 desk phone

How do I use a Cisco desk phone?

You use a Cisco desk phone as you would any other desk phone. You make and receive calls in the same way you are used to, but the call connects over the internet instead of a phone line. For instructions on how to perform specific tasks with your desk phone, see the user guide.

You can access the user guide using the link in the Resources box at the top of this article.

Your desk phone interacts with One Net

There are several features of your Cisco desk phone that interact directly with One Net.

  • You can use phone shortcuts to do tasks, such as activating and deactivating call forwarding.
  • Some buttons on your phone interact with specific One Net services. For example, if you have a Busy Lamp Field (BLF) key set up for a contact, you can see that contact's availability to take calls.
  • Your desk phone has direct access to your organisation's One Net Address Book, so you always see the latest information.

Read about your desk phone's features >

Who is the Cisco SPA525G2 desk phone for?

The Cisco SPA525G2 is an excellent choice for businesses that require an enhanced user experience with a hosted IP telephony service.

Key features of the Cisco SPA525G2 desk phone

  • Power over Ethernet support: PoE 802.3af
  • One line, supporting up to two connected calls
  • 3.2-inch colour LCD screen, 320 x 240px
  • Two 10/100 Ethernet ports
  • Support for Bluetooth® headsets
  • Kensington security slot support
  • Support for up to two SPA500S attendant consoles
  • USB 2.0 port
  • 2.5-mm stereo headphone jack

Basic supported features

One Net supports the following basic features that appear in the user menu on the phone:

  • Making and answering calls
  • Adjusting the call volume and muting
  • Putting a call on hold
  • Resuming a call
  • Ending a call
  • Transferring a call
  • Redialling
  • Forwarding a call
  • Setting Do Not Disturb
  • Using call pickup
  • Making an ad-hoc conference call
  • Using the phone directories
  • Using the call history lists
  • Accessing voicemail

Additional supported features

One Net supports the following additional features that appear in the user menu on the phone:

  • Creating and using speed dials
  • Customising your LCD screen
  • Using ringtones
  • Viewing phone, network, and call information
  • Changing the date and time
  • Using phone shortcuts

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