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Introducing One Net Operator Console

One Net Operator Console is a One Net application that runs on your PC or Mac®. It lets you direct incoming calls to the right destinations in your organisation as efficiently as possible.

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Features and benefits of One Net Operator Console

Answering calls

You can answer calls in the incoming calls window by double-clicking a box that pops up when you receive a call. When a call is answered, it moves to the Active calls area.

For each incoming call, One Net Operator Console displays details, such as the caller's name and number, the name of the queue and the call's priority.

Transferring calls

You can transfer calls to your colleagues. The transfers can be either direct or you can speak to the person you want to transfer the call to before transferring. You can also transfer calls to the voicemail.

Finding contacts

As an operator, you need to find contacts easily so you can transfer calls to the right destination as quickly as possible. One Net Operator Console provides several ways to view, organise and search your contacts.

You can also set up your most frequently-used contacts so you can see their call status and check whether they're available to take a call.

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