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Making calls

When you make a call, it appears in the Active calls area and you have access to a number of actions you can take for that call.


Active calls limit

You can have up to four active calls. If you make or answer any other call, the operation fails.

To call a contact

  • From Contacts, select a contact and move it to the Active calls area.


    To dial an alternative number for the contact, double-click the contact to expand the box and then select the number from the list.

To call a contact from the call history

  1. Select Recent.
  2. In the recent calls list, find the entry and double-click it.

To call a number

If you know the number you want to call, you can enter it directly using the dial pad.

  1. Select .
  2. Enter the number and select Call.

To end a call

  • In the active call, select End call.

To hold/resume a call

  • In the active call, select Hold call/Resume call.

To call a contact's voicemail

  1. In Contacts, double-click the contact to expand the box.
  2. Select .

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