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Managing call history

One Net Operator Console records your call history. You can view, save and delete this history.

To view call history

One Net Operator Console allows you to view your call history. You can filter the list by the outgoing, incoming or missed calls. You can also sort the list using the column headers.

Unanswered incoming calls are not listed in your call history.

  1. Select History.
  2. To filter calls, select a filter option from the dropdown list in the top left corner.

    To return to the default view, select No Filter.

  3. If you want to sort the call history, select a specific column header.

    By default, the call history is sorted by Date and Time.

To filter call history by a specific value

You can also filter the call history by specific values displayed in the columns.

  • In the Filter By box, enter the value. Filtering happens in real time.

    You can enter specific origin or destination values.

    You can also enter the column header with a colon and immediately follow up with the value you want to use as a filter. For example, date and time:dec 5 will filter out all calls that happened on December 5.

To save call history to a CSV file

  1. Select History.
  2. Select Save as file.
  3. Save your call history in a chosen location.

To delete call history

  1. Select History.
  2. Select Clear all history on close.
  3. Select Close window.

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