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About voicemail

Your One Net voicemail records messages from callers if you're unavailable or already on a call. With voicemail, you can:

  • Play personalised greetings to callers when you're busy or unavailable
  • Access your voicemail from all your One Net devices and from other phones, such as your home phone

Read more about the voicemail service >

Listening to your voicemail

You can access your voicemail from all your One Net devices and from other phones, such as your home phone.

To access your voicemail

  • Dial the 121 phone shortcut.

To listen to all your voicemail messages

  1. Access your voicemail by dialing 121.
  2. Dial 2.

Read about using phone shortcuts to listen to your voicemail >

Deleting a voicemail message

You can delete your voicemail messages using all your One Net devices and other phones.

To delete a voicemail message

  1. Access your voicemail by dialing 121.
  2. Dial 2 to listen to your messages.
  3. After listening to a voicemail message, dial 2 to delete the message.

Setting up your voicemail greeting

You can record your own message to be played when a call is transferred to your voicemail.

Read about setting up your voicemail greeting >

Setting absence announcements

You can select an announcement to be played to callers when you are unavailable to take calls.

Read about setting absence announcements >

Voicemail notifications

You can set up how you want to be notified when you receive a new voicemail message. You can set different options for each phone number assigned to you.

To set up your voicemail notifications

  1. Access One Net Feature Management Portal.

    Read about accessing One Net Feature Management Portal >

  2. Select My Numbers > My Numbers List.
  3. Select View More for the phone number you want to set voicemail notifications for.
  4. In the Voicemail Notification section, select View More.
  5. Select Edit.
  6. In the Notifications settings section, activate or deactivate notifications and select how the notifications are sent.
  7. In the Notifications timing section, select Create rule and select the days and times when notifications are sent.

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